Our team has more than twenty years' experience in thermoforming and high-speed injection products. We focus on development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative packaging solutions for food factories, large chain restaurants, supermarkets and farms etc. We are a factory direct wholesale company and offering OEM services.


Providing turn-key solution

Customized Products

Customized Thermoformed Plastic Products

At GreenLink Plastics, we design, develop, and produce custom packaging and products. Our thermoformed plastics go to customers in numerous industries. Whether your need comes from food and beverage industry,industrial, electronic, horticulture ,agriculture, consumer packaging,, or recreation, we have the in-house capabilities to take on your project.

Thanks to our in-house plastic sheet production, we are very flexible and can provide solutions tailored to your requirements. We will create your offer and development concept for your plastic workpiece carriers shortly after the initial inquiry. We can also create a prototype of your product using rapid manufacturing. As a specialist for protective solutions, we have a wide range of protective plugs and caps in addition to our workpiece carriers. This allows us to offer all product protection solutions from one source using optimum machine and tool concepts.>find out more